RAYSTUFF’S most demanding product Kaseesh Lifestyle Volume-2

VINAY brand is a published product name, Kaseesh Lifestyle is very popular based on the cultures of Indian women. Most women from India were enticed and attracted to these types of dresses. These categories of clothing have a much bigger impact on the impression you set on people as well as the striking color combination. It’s a set of traditional Salwar Kameez. Kaseesh dresses are mainly designed for the special momentous occasion.

Kaseesh Lifestyle vol-2

The Salwar Kameez is known to be the most worn clothing in South Asia. Kaseesh’s vol-2 is very popular for its traditional style. A very valuable factor of Kaseesh would be its attracting color combinations. It is exhibited in Islam as a religion for its length as it displays modesty by covering your body entirely. For religious purposes, it is also suitable for scarves and hijabs. Kaseesh Lifestyle vol-2 is very popular due to its embroidered fabric.


Kaseesh vol-2 has 6 designs in 9 pieces with delightful and pleasant colors. On the top it is a comfortable light weighted cotton Muslin with smooth and glossy Satin Fabric. The bottom is complimented with Santoon Fabric while the scarf is constructed with a fine Silk Georgette type of fabric. The dress is lengthy as well as full sleeved. All products are handmade with specially woven fabric created using a Jacquard loom to make a highly textured fabric. During the summer season on occasions such as parties or celebrations it is suitable for adult women to be dressed in fashionable dresses like Kaseesh. It is compliant and easy to wash or dry-clean. Due to its adjustable size you may have it customized and tailored to your likings.

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